hello, i'm terri

Fine Art Photographer | Postpartum Registered Nurse  
mom to 3 unruly children and a rescue pup | wife to a goofy Brit 
Oxford University & UCSF Alumnus | Fulbright Scholar | ClickPro
   adoption is a beautiful thing

A few things that inspire me: I love to honor the art of healing. By day, I am a Registered Nurse at the Birth Center of a San Francisco hospital where I care for postpartum families.

I like to travel this wide and wonderful world and watch the sunrise from different cities. I like being barefoot. I like hiking to beautiful locations and smelling the salty ocean air. I like sipping fancy lattes, making whimsical floral arrangements, and scribbling notes of poetry. I like watercolor paintings, the heat of the desert, and finding beauty in the every day.

Photography  by Dilani Schipper

Photography by Sophie Kaye

With photography I get to freeze time, which all too often races past us before we can document it. Together, we can make images that pause how you are at your most beautiful, when you’re most free. We can make images that show the abounding love in your life.

Whether it’s your wedding day, family portraits in the park with your children running around, fine art portraits on an oceanside cliff, your child’s birthday party, or something altogether unique– let’s create something beautiful together.


why photography

Photography  by Dilani Schipper